New Membership

Now you can designate your mastery of administrative laws that relate to timely reimbursement and prevent improper denials. NCRA CERTIFIED membership is currently available to alumni members who have a minimum of one hour in ERN/NCRA training on jurisdiction laws governing payors such as: Knox Keene Health Care Service Plans, HMOs, PPO and Indemnity Insurers, California Workers’ Compensation, ERISA, Medicare Advantage Plans, VA and Champus Tricare.

Citing regulatory statutes and cases in the appeal and revenue process is the most effective way to overturn adverse and no decisions. While most healthcare professionals are comfortable composing the medical justification for the treatment rendered, you may lack the access to a library and team of experts to guide you in citing supporting legal reference that take your appeal to the NEXT LEVEL.

Now you do.

With member access to newer and stronger education, appeal letters, affidavits and tactics, we arm you with State, Federal and case laws in favor of your provider’s appeal.



Career Services

Becoming an NCRA Certified Alumni Member gives you special access to our career services program. Here, You can browse job offers from our provider membership, who are seeking to bring your training and advocacy credentials to their organization. You may also post a resume.

Reimbursement Assistance
Free live support with ERN highly trained Health Law Advocates with expertise on claim reimbursement and improper denial issues. You can speak with a Health Law Advocate via telephone or email your question for a 72 hour turnaround response to obtain:

  • Assistance with payment problems including coaching, education, and direct intervention with payors or regulators.
  • Assistance creating compliance letters.
  • Assistance challenging untimely authorizations and patient transfers (for prospective and concurrent care rendered to patients).
  • Case review* and appeal strategies to overturn unresolved claims violations.

Savings On Claim Representation Services

Flat rate discounts on Claimant Representation Services (inquire within for a quote.)

Professional Development

Leadership and networking opportunities with NCRA chapters. ERN relies on the involvement of its members to share insights on keys issues that impact financial bottom line, address the challenges of the current issues relating to timely reimbursement and improper denials.

Powerful Advocacy

Become active and engaged in a NCRA Chapter to advocate for patients and providers by collaborating, redressing and reporting unfair payment practices to the regulatory agencies, legislators and the media (if necessary).

Continuing Training and Certification

Eligibility for Certification Designations and Professional Claims Compliance Certification demonstrates to your employer and peers, your authority, knowledge and proficiency in statutory laws designed to protect patient and provider rights.

Professional Claim Compliance Certification Exam

CCRA offers one type of Claims Compliance certifcation:

  • CMCCC (Certified Managed Care Claims Compliance)

News and Alumni Events
Exclusive invitation and pricing to annual events, boot camps and workshops to increase your education and skills, and updates on current issues affecting quality care and claim reimbursement issues.

  • Subscription to the NCRA Legislative Newswire distributed vie e-mail to keep you up-to-date on legislative and government issues affecting our industry.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters that highlight the latest news and legislation on patient advocacy and reimbursement laws.

15-25% Savings on ERN/NCRA Training and Reimbursement Products

ERN/NCRA offers a number of resources and guidance to help members hire and train staff; improve cash flow and fight 3rd party payor unfair payment practices. These resources include training courses, administrative law pre-employment testing, letter writing programs and claims compliance cheat sheets to deal with problematic payors. Many of these services are deeply discounted.



For professional members:

  • Ongoing supplementary regulatory training (NCRA Forums)
  • Discounts on annual updates
  • Strategic volunteer opportunities that transfer to paid jobs
  • Legislative updates and MORE!

For facility members:

  • Ongoing, supplementary, regulatory training
  • Emergency Staff and Patient Advocacy access to online cheat sheets and law libraries to assist your advocacy of your patients’ needs for medically necessary care or transport.
  • A plaque for your admissions or lobby area showing that your facility advocates for medically approprate healthcare pursuant to Wickline v. State.
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