RevAssistance SILVER Support


All of the support features of RevAssistance BRONZE Support, plus Unlimited Customization of New Payor Jurisdictions and 5 Monthly Claims Representation Calls.


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Your company will receive a client code and login credentials, so you can access to the tools to take your RevAssurance experience to the next level.
As a product of ERN/The National Council on Reimbursement Advocacy (NCRA), RevAssurance and RevAssistance exist to empower health providers with the tools they need to combat unfair payment practices and overturn improper denials. As a part of that mission, the RevAssistance Support portal exists to aid you in your fight.

A purchase of RevAssistance SILVER Support entitles you to one (1) year of BRONZE Support and:

Letter Customization

Need a law or a letter for a payor jurisdiction not covered by RevAssistance?

Login to the online support system and submit a ticket. Attach a Claim Review Form, a case timeline, and a copy of the denial, and include a brief summary of the same in the ticket description area. We’ll do the heavy lifting by researching and writing sample letters for you!

Monthly Representation Calls

Was your appeal denied?

If you have already sent an appeal letter and it was denied, you can use a Monthly Representation Call. Send us a copy of your appeal letter and a Claim Review Form. One of our experts will make a call or send an email to the payor on your behalf to help get the denial overturned. One call per claim, up to 5 claims per month! (No monthly rollovers.)

*Monthly calls can only be requested after a provider dispute has been submitted and a written determination has been issued, pursuant to 28 CCR § 1300.71.38(a-f).If you have sent a RevAssurance-generated letter but have not received a written determination, YOUR TICKET WILL BE CLOSED. We cannot provide an argument or position until we review their written determination for consistency with State and Federal Law.